May 20, 2019
Making life better: The many faces of a hardworking Pinoy Nokia

Making life better: The Many Faces Of A Hardworking Pinoy

We all look forward to making our lives better regardless of what ‘better’ means for us. We all strive at our own pace, focusing on working […]
April 29, 2017
Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks milk tea cebu

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks

Quench your thirst while you flaunt that sizzling-hot bud and dazzling smile under the scorching sun and get all the summer fun. Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation […]
April 12, 2017
Spanish Restaurant in Cebu: Hala Paella Spanish Restaurant in cebu

Where To Eat In Cebu: Hala Paella

Disclaimer: The photos posted on this particular blog post are not recent- Hala Paella might have updated their menu, pricing, and set-up, but these photos were […]
March 22, 2017
ukay-ukay summer OOTD summer ootd

Ukay-ukay Summer OOTD

THE HEAT IS ON! And to welcome summer is a post I am bringing up again on this blog for you, guys: Ukay-ukay Summer OOTD. Do you kind […]

Time can't be tracked back any longer, it's undeniable that summer is already dominating the Philippines- feeling the atmosphere just yet? Probably, summer is my happiest season in PH (just like everyone else) simply because I can do a lot of outdoor stuff that gives me more life rather than staying home and label myself a couch potato- there's definitely more life outside the house during summer.

What's your ideal summer be like? Let me take a guess: The glaring sun makes you feel like, getting a tan line so, you're settling down on your beach blanket with your over-sized solid-floppy hat and a pair of sunnies on, while you take a sip of your tropical cooler with your left hand holding it and the other holding your favorite novel- reading it while half of your sight is lurking around girls in bikini, boys in trunk. And then you, you are so prepossessing on your 2-piece that you purchased online a few months ago. And then all of a sudden, you are now the crowd’s favorite.
Yoga: Shape Up for Summer beach

Is this your dream summer escapade?

Wait, did I just mention "bikini" on the paragraph above? How can I closely miss that one out? Now, ladies and gents, are you "VAVAVOOM" ready with your summer ensemble? Or, are you way behind body weight target because (music maestro: 🎶🎶🎶Tan, tan, tan, tannnnn! Tan, tan, tan, tannnnn!🎶🎶🎶) BFF graduated college and then the following day, couz (cousin) graduated high school 7th Honorable Mention and there goes the culprit of your diet- the scrumptuous graduation food you can't resist.Then at the end of the day, you realized, you gain extra pounds and you got lazy to rip it off, you got demotivated and then, summer officially kicks off- your self-esteem is now low.

 Yoga: Shape Up for Summer


Is this post hittin' you like...? Because, this post got me like... Awh, right in the feels, man.

I was about to press "backspace" and hold it longer to delete this post because I feel like, I was slapped big time by my words, but I realized, it's never too late to be in shape this summer- just when you lose hope, FITNESS work wonders! Read on, people, because there is hope!


You might wonder why all of a sudden you see this word and maybe ask what yoga has something to do with this post.

WHY YOGA? I am talking about yoga not because it's so popular nowadays especially to celebrities, but because yoga is one good exercise I know that might help you with the little problem you are dealing with about your weight and health issues. Of course, I am basing it on my personal experience which is my way of saying, "I am practicing what I preach." But let us understand what really yoga is in general before we continue and before we end this post with some of my recommendations.

Yoga is (as defined by GOOGLE)- a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

Source: google

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer workshop with briohny and Dice

One of the yoga workshops I attended with Briohny and Dice

I am very thankful to yoga because it has helped me in so many ways. One of the benefits I got from it is losing weight. Back when I was working in the BPO industry, I was dealing with some health issues and was gaining so much weight because of practicing an unhealthy lifestyle. It's hard for me to balance work + family duties + fitness + healthy food- for me, that was just a lot and a hard-to-maintain-lifestyle. The stress I got from work and my family duty was just too much for me. And because I chose to take the deleterious lifestyle, I feel like, I collect illness each year as I got so sickly. And because of that, I had to see a doctor more often to check and monitor my health and even confined at the hospital for several days, at least once a year. It was a hassle on my part, a total waste of time and money until I made a courageous decision- I cried for change.

It was so in time, yoga was starting to get a boost in Cebu and heard of it from a friend. I was hesitant at first so, I made a quick research about it and later on, decided to finally give it a try with a little support from a friend, Kathy who was with me on my first yoga experience.

I can still remember how funny I look like on my first class- I can hardly reach for my toes on every forward fold. I realized how (insert an explicit word here) st*pid I was giving up my only means of fitness before- dancing and from that moment, I only had nothing but tight muscles. I tell you, yoga work wonders, but (insert an explicit word again here) sh*t, it's NO MAGIC- you have to work for it. I didn't know I will like yoga in an instant. I love the workout pattern because I don't get bored at all. I love doing it even if I was running out of breath on my first try. Maybe I got challenged by my petite and slender yoga instructor on my first day performing her yoga sequence effortlessly while giving instructions to the class all at one time. Oh no, I love more the relaxing sensation that I get after the practice- whatever it is, it feels good to me- I had to go back the following day and the days after until I slowly formed a habit of regular practice. After a week of practice, I noticed some weight loss and was happy with the result, and weeks after weeks of practice, I lost an impressive number of pounds, plus, I'm getting a lot of benefits out of my practice until yoga is already within me.

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer Beach yoga

Yoga at the Sandbar

If you are curious to try out yoga but don't know when to get it started, NOW IS THE TIME. If you are worried because you don't have any idea how to start with yoga, I can name a few legit yoga studios in Cebu with fantastic and experienced yoga teachers to guide you through all the way.

Below are some Yoga Studios in the Queen City of the South that has been there, making people feel great and help their students with their yoga journey.
Yoga: Shape Up for Summer Yoga at the Yacht Club

Yoga at the Yacht Club Mactan

Yoga at the Yacht Club Mactan is located in lapu lapu City. They offer different packages and promo rates that you can choose from- a budget-friendly yoga studio with so much things to offer for your yoga journey. In fact, on April 16, they will be having an Acro Yoga Workshop with an international Acro Yoga teacher, Lili Breininger. Do check out my previous post for more details about the workshop. Please click on this link: Check out their Facebook account for schedules: Yoga at the Yacht Club

Contact Number: +63 32 513 7601

Address: 2/F Marina Mall, Airport Rd., M. L. Quezon Ave., Lapu Lapu City, Mactan, Philippines

See Map (click here)

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer Yoga Now Center

Yoga Now Center

Yoga Now Center. Find stillness and serenity right at the heart of the mall. Who would not love accessibility? Yoga Now Center is located at Insular Square, Mandaue. They offer different yoga classes that suits you. The studio is open from 7:30 am to 8:30pm, Mondays- Saturdays. Check out their Facebook page for promo and packages: Yoga Now Center

Contact Number: +639199902813/032 5112634/032 4207737

Address: Unit 214, Insular Square, mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

See Map (click here)

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer YogaHub

YogaHub Cebu

YogaHub Cebu. The first in the Queen City- hailed by the Sun.Star as "Best of Cebu", YogaHub recently opened their second branch in Raintree Mall in General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City to make the studio more accessible to yogis. They offer affordable packages and an Unlimited Monthly Rate to everyone interested in yoga. To know more about their schedules and rates, check out their Facebook Page: YogaHub

Contact Number: +63917622-YOGA(9642) | (032) 268YOGA

Address: 2/F Banilad town Center, Cebu City, Philippines

See Map (click here)

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer ubuntu festival

Ubuntu Festival now on its third year

On April 15-17, Be Yoga together with The lazy Chef and 22 Tango will hold its 3rd Ubuntu festival in Hale Manna Moalboal. Spend your summer differently- reconnect with nature, reconnect with yourself over yoga, art, music, food, and love. Don't miss out this very wonderful event. To find more about the said activity please click on this link: Ubuntu Festival Cebu,


Yoga: Shape Up for Summer teacher Training

YogaHub | Be Yoga Teacher Training

To those who would like to continue their yoga journey and take the path of a yoga instructor, Bernadette Pacaña of Be Yoga | YogaHub is offering a 200-HR Teacher Training this coming September 2016, weekend format. Bernadette is presently the Director of training and Development at YogaHub.

YogaHub is a registered school  of  Yoga Alliance.

To get more information about the up-coming Teacher Training, please contact the studio or see them personally.


March 30, 2016
Yoga: Shape Up for Summer Yoga Every Damn Day

Yoga: Shape Up for Summer

Time can’t be tracked back any longer, it’s undeniable that summer is already dominating the Philippines- feeling the atmosphere just yet? Probably, summer is my happiest […]
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