May 20, 2019
Making life better: The many faces of a hardworking Pinoy Nokia

Making life better: The Many Faces Of A Hardworking Pinoy

We all look forward to making our lives better regardless of what ‘better’ means for us. We all strive at our own pace, focusing on working […]
April 29, 2017
Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks milk tea cebu

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks

Quench your thirst while you flaunt that sizzling-hot bud and dazzling smile under the scorching sun and get all the summer fun. Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation […]
April 12, 2017
Spanish Restaurant in Cebu: Hala Paella Spanish Restaurant in cebu

Where To Eat In Cebu: Hala Paella

Disclaimer: The photos posted on this particular blog post are not recent- Hala Paella might have updated their menu, pricing, and set-up, but these photos were […]
March 22, 2017
ukay-ukay summer OOTD summer ootd

Ukay-ukay Summer OOTD

THE HEAT IS ON! And to welcome summer is a post I am bringing up again on this blog for you, guys: Ukay-ukay Summer OOTD. Do you kind […]
Kublai Khan, your favorite Mongolian Eat All you "Khan" finally conquers SM City Cebu as they opened another branch last November 11, 2015.
Mongolian food cebu

Kublai Khan opens at SM City Cebu Food Court

Mongolian foodie

The new Kublai Khan in SM City Cebu

It was a pleasure to see and witness for myself another branch rising before food lovers and ordinary people who wish to go for Mongolian cuisine- Kublai Khan is more reachable than before as they joined the other food kiosks in SM Food Court.

Kublai Conquers SM

eat all you khan

Kublai finally opens in SM City Cebu

Kublai Conquers SM

The good news is, we now have more food options. Another good news is, they care about value for money and they love you to feel and experience it with their best-tasting food. I can attest to that since I am Kublai Khan lover since 2005- I can tell you a short story how I fell in love with Kublai. Sometime, 10 years ago, back when I got my very first pay from my first job in one of the oldest and most popular BPOs in Cebu City, Philippines, I, along with 2 of my teammates decided to give ourselves a treat for surviving first half of the month on the production floor and for passing training. We agreed to dine at Kublai Khan in Ayala Center Cebu back when they were located somewhere at the ground floor (now, they are at the Ayala Terraces, 3rd floor and Ayala Food Choices). It was my first ever to try in Kublai after many years because to be honest, it looks intimidating to me before especially during college- I used to just pass by there a lot. The moment I came in, I was surprised how festive it looks like- people so merry, eating. I got even more suprised to find out how affordable their meals are so, with no hesitation, I chose the eat-all-you-can. I don't exactly remember how many bowls did I finish but one thing I'm sure, I ate like a King and we had so much fun that time. From then on, Kublai Khan is always part of my food trip check list. -The End-

Kublai Conquers SM

Mongolian: #KublaiConquersSM #KKhan #EatAllYouKhan

#KublaiConquersSM #KKhan #EatAllYouKhan

After a couple of years, Kublai Khan started to expand, mightily conquering the Queen City of the South and beyond. Late last year, they expanded in the North of Cebu. Three young business dare-devils franchised Kublai Khan in Parkmall, North Reclamation, Mandaue City, Cebu. the opening of the said store was my first Kublai Khan event I attended as a blogger. I was so thrilled to know more about them and what they really want to offer to patrons and customers. we had a feast that time in a long table together with the bloggers of Cebu Blogging Community and it was fun.
Mongolian: Kublai in Parkmall

At the opening of Kublai Khan in Parkmall, Mandaue City, Cebu

Kublai in Parkmall

Kublai Khan in Parkmall

Early this year, another branch opened in Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu City, 2 days before the Sinulog Festival, just in time to serve  Sto. Nino devotees, tourists, and party goers. I got the chance to interview and know a little of the owners of the franchised store in Cybergate and I was glad to have met such humble and hospitable persons.
Kublai Cybergate

At the opening of Kublai Khan in Robinsons Cybergate

Kublai Cybergate

Blessing and opening of Kublai Khan in Robinsons Cybergate

Few months after, another branch opened in Bacolod. Finally, Ilongos can now enjoy a Mongolian feast by Kublai Khan and another branch in Ayala Center Cebu Food Choices.
Kublai Khan Cebu


Tip: If you want to search for Kublai Khan photos on social media, use these hashtags: #KublaiKhan #EatAllYouKhan #Mongolian #KKhanHaloHalo #KublaiConquersSM
Kublai Khan Cebu

I [heart] Kublai Khan

I am thankful for Kublai Khan and its existence- food is never boring and it's one of the few food spots where you can play and experience with taste and flavors. And as of this writing, I am craving for bowls and bowls of Kublai. I wanna go for "Eat-All-You-Khan". Who's with me?
Mongolian: #KublaiConquersSM #KKhan #EatAllYouKhan

Yummy Mongolian

Like Kublai Khan o Facebook: https: Kublai Khan(click Here) Follow them on instagram: @kublaikhan_cebu(click here)


December 7, 2015
Kublai at SM

Kublai Khan Conquers SM

Kublai Khan, your favorite Mongolian Eat All you “Khan” finally conquers SM City Cebu as they opened another branch last November 11, 2015. It was a […]
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