May 20, 2019
Making life better: The many faces of a hardworking Pinoy Nokia

Making life better: The Many Faces Of A Hardworking Pinoy

We all look forward to making our lives better regardless of what ‘better’ means for us. We all strive at our own pace, focusing on working […]
April 29, 2017
Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks milk tea cebu

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks

Quench your thirst while you flaunt that sizzling-hot bud and dazzling smile under the scorching sun and get all the summer fun. Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation […]
April 12, 2017
Spanish Restaurant in Cebu: Hala Paella Spanish Restaurant in cebu

Where To Eat In Cebu: Hala Paella

Disclaimer: The photos posted on this particular blog post are not recent- Hala Paella might have updated their menu, pricing, and set-up, but these photos were […]
March 22, 2017
ukay-ukay summer OOTD summer ootd

Ukay-ukay Summer OOTD

THE HEAT IS ON! And to welcome summer is a post I am bringing up again on this blog for you, guys: Ukay-ukay Summer OOTD. Do you kind […]
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- have a big shot!

Super breakfast

St. Mark Hotel (just beside the Redemptorist church) in Cebu City offers Buffet Breakfast everyday from 6:00am to 10:30am for only PHP380 net per person. And yes, they are wide open for walk-in customers who are meaning to fill their tummies with a heavy breakfast. And, here’s a good news to all “BACON LOVERS” out there, they have unlimited bacon available everyday. Not just that, they also offer variety of breakfast food aside from the traditional Filipino breakfast (rice, yummy chorizo, and many other Pinoy dishes).
St. Mark Buffet Breakfast: Bacon

Super Bacon

The place

The Dining Place

St. Mark Hotel



If you are a die-hard fan of pancakes, well, they have a pancake station where the in-house chef will personally make one for you. They also have a station for cereals, bread and cookies, salad and fruits, and desserts. And because I am so Pinoy, I love their puto (sticky rice) + ripe mangoes + sikwati (Filipino hot chocolate) combo. You too will surely love the selection of food they serve. It's variety and guaranteed delish and affordable.
mangoes and sticky rice

Love Pinoy Food

St. Mark Hotel: bread
St. Mark Hotel Cereals


St. Mark Hotel

St. Mark Hotel: Pancakes and eggs

Saint Mark Hotel

Have your most sumptuous breakfast buffet at the second level of St. Mark Hotel on a comfortable seating with a lovely ambiance over your comfort food. Again, walk-in customers are welcome to spend breakfast at the hotel- it's a must-try!
St. Mark Hotel: chorizo and veggies

Chorizo and Veggies

St. Mark Hotel chef

Chef doing my scrambled egg. Nice!

St. Mark Hotel pinoy food

Pinoy Food

St. Mark Hotel

I would love to have breakfast again at St. Mark Hotel. Aside from the unlimited bacon, I personally love the omelet that the hotel’s resident chef specially cooked for me. For sure, I'll be coming back for the puto, mangoes, and sikwati (Filipino hot chocolate) combination, too- I had the best time in every bite.
St. Mark Hotel

The dessert and fruit section

St. Mark Hotel St. Mark Hotel: pinoy food For inquiries, please call: (63)(32)505-5555; (63)(32)520-3798 Check out their website for more info: Like their Facebook page for exciting deals and promo: St. Mark Hotel (click here) Address: Queens Rd., Redemptorist Plaza, Camputhaw, Cebu City, 6000 (see map)


December 9, 2015
St. Mark Hotel Buffet Breakfast

St. Mark Hotel Buffet Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- have a big shot! St. Mark Hotel (just beside the Redemptorist church) in Cebu City offers Buffet […]
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