May 20, 2019
Making life better: The many faces of a hardworking Pinoy Nokia

Making life better: The Many Faces Of A Hardworking Pinoy

We all look forward to making our lives better regardless of what ‘better’ means for us. We all strive at our own pace, focusing on working […]
April 29, 2017
Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks milk tea cebu

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks

Quench your thirst while you flaunt that sizzling-hot bud and dazzling smile under the scorching sun and get all the summer fun. Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation […]
April 12, 2017
Spanish Restaurant in Cebu: Hala Paella Spanish Restaurant in cebu

Where To Eat In Cebu: Hala Paella

Disclaimer: The photos posted on this particular blog post are not recent- Hala Paella might have updated their menu, pricing, and set-up, but these photos were […]
March 22, 2017
ukay-ukay summer OOTD summer ootd

Ukay-ukay Summer OOTD

THE HEAT IS ON! And to welcome summer is a post I am bringing up again on this blog for you, guys: Ukay-ukay Summer OOTD. Do you kind […]

Cafe Laguna, a restaurant we've all grown up celebrated 24th year, yes, 24 epic years in the F&B industry that not only Cebuanos, but Filipinos in general (when they come to visit Cebu or any of their branches) and tourists love. On their 24th year which they themed, "Epic @ 24", Cafe Laguna prepared a special scrumptious food buffet that most of the food selection are NOT found in their food menu. The setup was extremely a feast- Cafe Laguna was truly epic on their 24th anniversary.

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24 paella


Epic  @ 24

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24 yummy food

Cafe Laguna: Epic @ 24

It was a night full of delicious food that every guest drooled in- an array of Cafe Laguna's best- from lechon to pancit to paella to kakanin (Filipino desserts), name it, it's there! And one can enjoy digging in Cafe Laguna specialties at a very affordable price. I was lucky to have received an invitation to join their celebration- I feel so honored, their buffet rarely happens- it's not everyday that you get to try on their buffet food.

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24 lechon

Pride of Cebu- Lechon

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24 pancit


Epic  @ 24

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24 seafood


I personally loved their Paella and that Pinoy feels I was getting on every bite of pancit and caldereta- it just feels right. If my mom was with me around at that time, I surely would ask her to come with me over since she is also a huge fan of Cafe Laguna, I know, she would enjoy so much the buffet night and be surprised finding out dishes that are not in the menu. I truly had a happy tummy that time- it was certainly, EPIC AT 24.

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24

epic @ 24

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24

epic @ 24

Epic  @ 24

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24 food

epic @ 24

Like Cafe Laguna on Facebook: Cafe Laguna

Check out their website:

Contact them on this number:  (032) 231-0922

Email them at:


November 4, 2015
Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24 food

Cafe Laguna Epic @ 24

Cafe Laguna, a restaurant we’ve all grown up celebrated 24th year, yes, 24 epic years in the F&B industry that not only Cebuanos, but Filipinos in […]
November 3, 2015
Diamond Suites Weekend Buffet

Diamond Suites Weekend Buffet

As a foodie, I always love to discover food and what’s new around the metro and beyond. Recently, I got an invite by one of the […]
October 24, 2015

Luwag Native Seafood Grill

From a passion in cooking that was passed on from generation to generation comes a native seafood grill and restaurant, LUWAG- a young restaurant built around […]
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