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Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks


Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks

This particular post talk about drinks that would surely satisfy your cravings for fruit tea, smoothie, coolers, milktea, etc. since this is a compilation of flavored drinks from different cafes and stores around the Queen City of the South.

On this post, let me give you a light warning about the drink photos I will be posting here: Beware of sweet temptation.

Disclaimer: I may not be able to name all the drinks that will be posted below nor successfully describe the taste for each drink, even tell you the price, but one thing’s for sure,  I will definitely tell you where to get them.

This is more of a compilation of tea-based cold drinks, smoothie, etc- may it be with sinkers: tapioca or nata de coco- less sweet or sugar-free, at all.

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks Cebu Milktea

Cebu Milktea

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks

Let’s begin:

First on the list is way beyond obvious, my favorite place to hangout along with friends: BBT or Bubble Bee Tea House for the reason that, there are a lot of flavors to try on- very recommended for your “Adventurous Tongue”, haha!
Below are the drinks I have tried on Bubble Bee Tea House:


Next on the list is another favorite. Actually, this is our first fave “tambayan” with the sibs and bffs- CHATIME.
You can always choose the level of sugar for your drink- good for those who are on a diet, but can’t refuse Chatime goodness. My goodness, attack now to any of their branches: eBloc 2 Bldg in IT PArk, Lahug; Ayala Center Cebu or SM City Cebu.

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks Chatime Cebu


Another cafe that you should dash to try is DAKASI. They started a branch in Ayala Center Cebu a few years back and later opened another branch in IT Park. They have different flavors and combination on the menu that you should try and I must say, their milktea is to try for.

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks Dakasi Cebu


Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks

Joining the list is another cafe to go and try in IT Park: Serenitea. They have a variety of flavors on the table for you to choose from and you will definitely love the atmosphere when you hangout at their patio set-up. Aside from their flavorful drinks, it’s the “FEELS” that count, too.

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks Serenitea Cebu

Serenitea, Cebu

Aside from their signature Asian dishes, one thing that you should take notice in Ulli’s Streets of Asia is their coolers. Though, Ulli’s Streets of Asia is not a cafe, take a look at these Thirst-quenching drinks, I believe, it’s pretty much self-explanatory that you must try one, because, it’s a must-try!

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks Ulli's Streets of Asia

Ulli’s Streets of Asia


Another Cebu cafe that made it to the list is Beanleaf. Three impressions I have everytime we talk of Beanleaf: great milktea, wonderful staff, and reliable internet connection. This is one of my go-to places when writing and blogging is already boring at home and should be brought elsewhere- Beanleaf, always to the rescue.

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks beanleaf cebu


Lastly, to complete the list of my favorite drinks in Cebu is something outside IT Park or Ayala Center Cebu.
This cozy haven somewhere in Campo, Lahug, Cebu City is a must-visit especially when you long for a peace-and-quiet aura at the moment. This place is where we go to along with blogger friends when we are beating deadlines and blog post sched. I simply enjoy the cafe’s interior, and I love their drinks, too.
Tazza Cafe & Patisserie is located across Fujinoya, Cebu at the Ground Floor of Tsai Hotel and Residences in Wilson St., Apas, Cebu City.

Thirsty Cebu: A Compilation of Cafe Drinks Tazza Cafe

Tazza Cafe

Cafes in Cebu are growing like mushrooms over the years, and there are tons of them waiting to be discovered just yet, and I am thrilled for my next set of Cafe adventure.
How about you, what’s your favorite milktea or summer drink? Care to share?


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