Are you playing the trend, too? Finally, Pokemon Go is now in the Philippines- and it’s official- you can now download this location-based augmented reality game, Pokemon Go app whether you are an ios user or android.

How many of you have downloaded the app already and tried playing it just like I do (well, not much on my part since I am busy with a lot of things these days)?

Whether you are already into it or just not quite there but is planning to download the app and join the hype real soon, here are some tips you can take for a successful Pokemon hunting- HAVE FUN!

Play Pokemon Go

Play Pokemon Go PH

Let’s Capture

TIP# 1:   Always have your survival kit ready, and by survival kit, I just don’t mean, water and food just in case you get hungry along the way. Hey, bring extra batt or a power bank with you, so, when you run out of power, you have a back-up.

Play Pokemon Go PH

How many Pokemons can you collect? Let’s see.

Tip# 2:   Data. We know that it’s even harder to catch free wifi in the Philippines than catching Pokemonsters, so, make sure to have enough data on your device to be more productive- the more, the merrier, right? Not just that, if your data connection is kind of, limited, always watch over it, and if you happen to get a descent free wifi along the way, make sure to turn off your data connection- know how to budget.

Play Pokemon Go

Tip# 3:  This latest trend may also be an instant cardio and we know that Philippines is humid, you might be sweaty in the middle of your quest. Bring a long with you extra shirts or face/mini towels for you to pat dry when dripping with sweat. You don’t want to get sick after catching some Pokemons. And yeah, just like what I mentioned above, bring water- hydrate and food, too.

Tip# 4: Be safe. Don’t be like others posted on Facebook who got an accident because of playing Pokemon Go. I know, it’s fun and sometimes, we get carried away, but this game is not just worth it for an accident or any harm that could happen to you- this is supposed to be fun, not the otherwise.  And lastly,

Play Pokemon Go PH

Have fun!

Tip# 5: ENJOY. Your in it, make the most of it.

Play Pokemon Go

Good luck to your Pokemon hunting, guys and if you don’t mind, share your experience to us on the comment section down below. And please, as much as possible, don’t be like me who only catches some monsters when there is only extra time, haha- BE PRODUCTIVE!


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  1. apple says:

    Lets go play! Who wants to go with me?

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