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Simply Share

Simply Share Foundation launched to help alleviate hunger among children in the Philippines

Simply Share Foundation

At the launching of Simply Share Foundation

Concerned young professionals, educators, and entrepreneurs in Cebu today launched Simply Share Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to fighting hunger and undernourishment among children in the Philippines, at the Cafe Laguna, Ayala Terraces.


“In spite of the surge of the economy in recent years there is still a lot that needs to be done to eliminate hunger and undernutrition, help improve access to food items, and raise awareness on proper nutrition especially to children of the poorest of the poor,” said Pamela To, Simply Share Founder and Executive Director.

Citing a Freedom from Hunger (FAO) study that there are 15 million undernourished children all over the Philippines, the people behind Simply Share made a call for individuals and institutions to share their talents, time, and resources for the hungry.


Simply Share Foundation presented its aim of forming a Food Bank Council of Cebu, a network of organizations, institutions, and volunteers, which will provide expertise, experience, and services to undernourished children and other vulnerable populations.


Through the group, feeding programs and other targeted and sustainable interventions to help alleviate hunger and poverty will be institutionalized.

Simply Share

The people behind Simply Share Foundation

Simply Share Foundation launched to help alleviate hunger

A “Covenant of Sharing” will be signed between the Simply Share Foundation and partners which include the National Nutrition Council 7, Cebu City Marriott Hotel, Rotary International, University of San Carlos Extension Service, JCI Cebu, and Agriaqua Sustainable Farming Philippines.


“Helping sooth the hunger of less fortunate Filipino children will ultimately redound to a more solid foundation for economic growth. We must renew their hope in life and build their capacity to help in nation-building. We have the social responsibility not to leave anyone behind,” said To.

Simply Share Foundation launched to help alleviate hunger

Simply Share

At the launching of Simply Share Foundation

Simply Share Foundation is also encouraging more organizations and institutions, especially hotel and restaurant associations, food processing and grocery sector, professional organizations, civic organizations, and student councils, to sign the covenant.

Simply Share Foundation’s lead donors will be gracing the launch. Connie Kristine Keppler and Leonard Achan who are healthcare executives from Mount Sinai Health System in New York City and Singapore Management University Prof. Brian To.


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