From a passion in cooking that was passed on from generation to generation comes a native seafood grill and restaurant, LUWAG- a young restaurant built around an old foundation in the food industry scene.
You might be wondering what LUWAG is. Luwag is a Cebuano term for a wooden ladle used for cooking especially in some provinces in the Philippines.

Luwag Native Seafood Grill


Luwag Chandelier

Owned by business partners who are both seasoned in the business industry, Romel Pia and Leonhardt Cabahug, LUWAG Native Seafood and Grill opened its doors to customers and food enthusiasts on June 28, 2015 at the Gaisano Island Mall 2 in Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City- a 60 square meter restaurant that can accommodate of up to 70 dining customers.

Luwag Native Seafood Grill


The men behind Luwag Native Seafood Grill

Romel, on the other hand, who started to learn cooking as early as he was a little boy and has been cooking good food all his life as his passion since then was a professor in one of Cebu’s top universities and had worked with various restaurants and a food chain. With this, you are assured of an amazing and good food any one would dream of having it on their table for feast.


Filipino culture through an art

Luwag Native Seafood Grill
Caution: Food photos below might get you hungry big time, but have a good one!

Below are some of the gastronomic food that Luwag Native Seafood Grill offer. Have fun scrolling ’til you starve.

Seafood Rice P138.00

Luwag Seafood Rice

Seafood Rice

Kinhason Sa Butong P139.00

Luwag Kinhason Sa Butong

Kinhason Sa Butong

Gitono-ang Lambay P168.00


Gitono-ang Lambay

Garlic Shrimp P219.00

Luwag Garlic Shrimp

Garlic Shrimp

Ensaladang Ampalaya P69.00

Luwag Ensaladang Ampalaya

Ensaladang Ampalaya

Cebu Lechon Sisig P169.00


Cebu Lechon Sisig

Pinakbet Con Lechon Kawali P169.00

Luwag pinakbet

Pinakbet Con Lechon Kawali

Spicy Chicken Wings P129.00


Spicy Chicken Wings

Pancit Canton Guisado P179.00

Luwag Dish

Pancit Canton Guisado

Binagoongang Baboy P198.00

Luwag Binagoongang Baboy

Binagoongang Baboy

Crispy Pata P398.00

Luwag Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata

Baby Back Ribs P268.00

Luwag Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Cucumber Lime Coolers P58.00

Luwag Cucumber Lime Coolers

Cucumber Lime Coolers

Lemon Grass Coolers P58.00

Luwag Lemon Grass Coolers

Lemon Grass Coolers

Budbod ala Mode P98.00

Luwag Budbod ala Mode

Budbod ala Mode

Otap Mangp Float P98.00

Luwag Otap Mango Float

Otap Mango Float

Come and enjoy best Pinoy food only at Luwag Native Seafood Grill! It’s recommended!



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